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Knowledgeable in producing high-quality course conditions at multiple facility types and budgetary limits

Excellent leadership developed through “hands-on” management style and superior communication skills

Strong agronomic, work, and educational background supplemented by continuing education

Thorough knowledge of all aspects of golf course construction, including renovation and new construction

Superior budget forecasting, implementation of long range plans, and proficiency with business software

Marine Park #7



Having experience working on the golf services side of the industry and being an avid golfer, I understand and place much value in playability of the golf course. In fact, it is the number one priority when developing any kind of maintenance programs, especially for greens. Firm and fast is the mantra heard throughout the golf world and I strive to provide this style of course when budgetary and weather constraints allow such conditions. This is achieved through tightly managing fertility, water management, cultural practices, and quality of cut.

All of the aforementioned agronomic principles and conditions can only become reality with proper education, experience, and work ethic — all of which I possess and continually work to advance even further in these areas. I believe continuing education is essential in growing and changing along with the industry, in a positive and more efficient manner in most instances.

As in any industry, to be an effective manager one must have the ability to motivate others around them to meet the goals set forth by the operation. I do this through positive reinforcement to my crew and leading by example. I don't mind getting "in the trenches" with staff to create a team atmosphere, but know when to delegate to hired help to be most efficient.

It has been said over and over again that a successful maintenance operation leaves no detail to chance. While it may be over-used, it is an important and vital part to the proper golf course. Attention to detail is critical to my philosophy and it shows the serious and caring nature of those charged with maintaining — and protecting — a club's most important asset.